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I visited Selina after 3 years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. I was some way down the road of having tests and was planning to try IVF.  After consultation with Selina we decided to wait for 6 months and try acupuncture along with Western herbs in the first instance. After 5 months of both, I did fall pregnant but unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks.  I am in no doubt that both acupuncture and the Western herbs were the main factor in conceiving after all this time. At this point however we decided to proceed with IVF as we had no idea how long it would take us to conceive again (if indeed we could) and we felt that time was not on our side.

I continued to have acupuncture throughout the process and I conceived with our first IVF cycle in October 2009 (I am now 24 weeks pregnant). Selina helped me in many ways throughout this process. Quite apart from the acupuncture itself, which I found very calming and relaxing, Selina was a wonderful person to talk to and helped me wade my way through the minefield of information that I was receiving from many different directions.

I also found it difficult to get answers from some of the medical practitioners I was seeing at this time and was often confused about the reasons for certain tests. Selina both helped me to make sense of the process that I was going through and was a calming influence throughout. It was to Selina that I turned if I had any questions about what was going on and I am very grateful to her for being so available throughout this time.

If I were to try to conceive again (which I hope I will) I don’t think I would attempt to go through the process without Selina’s acupuncture treatments and general guidance.

Emily, charity worker, 35, baby born 2010

“I came to see Selina without having any prior experience of acupuncture. She was extremely professional and thorough in explaining her approach to treating my problem. Selina set out a course of 6 treatments, and after 6 or 7 treatments I felt that my problem had been resolved.

The quality that I appreciate most about Selina is that she cares about her patients. Each time I went to see her, I felt like I was visiting a wise friend. She listened to my concerns, and offered advice about my nutrition and lifestyle without being pushy. Another quality that impressed me was how professional Selina was. She asked me to keep a journal throughout my treatment to document and assess the severity of my symptoms. In doing so, both Selina and I were able to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of her treatment. This is invaluable to me, as I had never used acupuncture before and only started it with a "why not" attitude.

I would recommend Selina, without any reservation, to anyone who is considering acupuncture!”

SCS, 34

"I made my first appointment to see Selina after having tried to conceive for two years without success. I was somewhat sceptical but felt that I wanted to exhaust every possible alternative before embarking on the expense and trauma of IVF.

As soon as I met Selina, I knew that I had made the right choice. She was so warm, so understanding and so knowledgeable that I immediately felt that I was in good hands.

I embarked on a course of weekly treatments, some of which were with Selina herself and some with her colleague Emma. As someone who works long and unpredictable hours, I really appreciated their combined ability to accommodate early morning and evening appointments.

The sessions themselves were enjoyable and relaxing. Selina got me charting my temperatures and also provided me with invaluable advice on nutrition and lifestyle. However, what I found particularly valuable was Selina's fantastic knowledge of "the system" - tests I should have, what to chase the consultant for, other experts I should see. It was rather like having an insider, firmly on your side, in what can often be a confusing and alienating process.

After three months of treatment, I was delighted to find that I had conceived. I have just had my 20 week scan and I am cautiously optimistic.

I can't say which bit of the "Selina package" worked but I have no doubt that it did. I found it a relaxing, enjoyable and empowering experience which I would recommend to anyone else suffering from fertility problems."

JS, Solicitor, 37, baby born 2014

I was beyond lucky to discover Selina through a quick Google search. I originally decided to do acupuncture to target my annual allergies. I went to Selina for 3 years before I moved overseas. Not only did she address my allergies issues through acupuncture and customized herbal teas, she helped me through stress, sleepless nights, eased the pain of my monthly menstrual cycle and just helped keep me sane through a stressful job. I haven't had the pleasure in seeing Selina in two years however I still suggest her and rave about all the things she did for me to anyone who will listen or needs a recommendation in London.

Nell, age 34

I'm a very grateful patient of Selina’s. My infertility journey was long and frustrating with a bunch of unsympathetic doctors (NHS fertility investigations) and then the occasional wonderful person that I came across that actually helped me (Selina, Dr Aizpurua).

Selina was an endless source of info, advice and expertise and she ALWays had time for me even if I had a wobble at 3am and emailed a rambling message .. she always calmly and kindly helped me climb back down out of my concern !! The treatment was amazingly accurate and helped my FSH drop and even on one occasion to bring my cycle timings up to speed for my next treatment she bought on a period ... miracles can happen. I am now the slightly run ragged mother of three kids !!! Careful what you wish for .... !

Caitlin Tanner 44 stay at home mum of
Kiri born 2013
Tabitha born 2015
Taryn born 2015


" I went to see Selina Macnair for acupuncture treatment to help me carry a child to term. I had , by then, suffered 8 or 9 early -term miscarriages and one suspected ectopic pregnancy.Selina was absolutely wonderful- kind, sensible and providing a host of helpful advice in addition to acupuncture sessions. She also put me in touch with the Polyclinic at Westminster University who prescribed a course of herbs to take to supplement the effects of the acupuncture. Soon after starting treatment with Selina I became pregnant but, sadly,yet again miscarried BUT a couple of months after that I was pregnant again and went for a scan at the ( highly recommended) Early Pregnancy Unit at University College Hospital in London. "This looks interesting" said the doctor and he called over a colleague who confirmed that I was indeed "interesting"- it was TWINS. Selina, who was by then heavily pregnant herself, passed my neo -natal care over to a colleague but kept in touch to see how we were all getting on.

I was safely delivered of strapping twin boys in October 2004,(two weeks before my 44th birthday).

I still see Selina for acupuncture to help with menopausal symptoms and some arthritis and I obviously recommend her totally to anyone seeking help in conceiving or carrying a child.

She can work miracles, but she can't always promise twins!!"

Astrid Robson, London N1.

“I came to see Selina in a stressful time and just entering her house made me feel better every time. She has the lovely rare balance between being professional and warm and caring. She was also extremely accommodating with fitting the appointment times around my other commitments.

I saw her to get support before and during IVF treatment, and acupuncture helped me to get pregnant very quickly. She was also extremely supportive with overcoming early pregnancy problems and inducing labour. My daughter is now happy and healthy two years old and I am looking forwards to coming back for more!”

J, 38, baby born 2007

"I cannot speak highly enough about Selina to anyone with underlying fertility issues. Selina is a warm, intelligent, supportive and kind person who has exemplary knowledge in this field. She is extremely thorough in her approach and highly skilled in her vocation.The advice she gave me was invaluable. She shows such compassion, respect and empathy in what she knows all too well from her own personal experience to be a stressful, frustrating and frightening time. Her passion and conviction in helping you become a mother is clear from the outset whether you are trying to conceive naturally or whether your choose to go forwards with IVF as I did. I personally feel that Selina was an intrinsic part of my journey to meet my beautiful daughters and I will always be grateful to her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Selina to anyone considering acupuncture. You will be in very safe hands. "

Helena 42, Islington
Mila (5.11lbs) and Lieve (5.031bs) born June 2014

I came to see Selina with the getting pregnant odds firmly stacked against me and being on the pointy end of my 30's, was very unsure what the best path forward was. However finding Selina was perhaps one of the best things that could have happened to me. Not only did I fall pregnant more than once and now have two utterly delightful little people in my life but she was a total rock of unwavering care and support through the rollercoaster that more than once unexpectedly took a dip on the way.

The journey of unsteady fertility can be long and lonely but I’m forever grateful for what she did for me and it’s without doubt that I’m only a mother because of her and her wonderful team.

Bridie Read, boys born 2015 and 2016

I was recommend to Selina by a friend and for me it was my first experience of Accupuncture. I was at a point in my fertility journey where I was willing to try anything.

What I liked is that Selina offered a holistic approach, she provided consistent care and guidance along the way, as well as a very good treatment! Strangely, I used to look forward to my Accupuncture sessions as I would use it as a time to offload and confide. Most importantly Selina always had time to listen!

Selina genuinely tried everything possible to support me in my quest to becoming a mother and in Aug 2015, after 3 rounds of IVF it worked, I became pregnant. I believe Selina (and Emma) were the catalyst for this to become possible. The knowledge I received along the way was invaluable and treatments to support my IVF were completely bespoke for me.

I will always remember how much my sessions helped me through a terribly difficult time, I strongly recommend you give it a go.

Nikki, 37, baby born 2016

“To Selina – many thanks for giving me back my life!”

Christine, 48, designer, treated for chronic headaches, 2000. Still well, 10 years on.

I would like to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me. I cannot tell you what a difference your sessions have made. Physically and mentally I feel like a new woman. You have always listened to me, made me feel comfortable and at ease, and I always feel that no problem is too small (you helped me with my heat rash, my ulcers etc etc). I only wish I met you 15 years ago.

Thank you for curing me.

Sarah, 32, accountant, treated for headaches, 2015


“We had been trying over a year and were undergoing tests when Selina was recommended to me. What struck me most at my first appointment was how good it was to finally talk to someone who understood how I was feeling and could empathise. That alone made such a difference and her knowledge around the subject was reassuring.

We were waiting for the test results but in the meantime Selina gave us nutritional advice and recommended supplements. The advice was really helpful and we made the changes immediately. We finally felt that we were taking some control, which we really needed. We were a week away from getting our results when we discovered I was pregnant. We had not actually started treatment as Selina wanted to wait to know the test results, but there is no doubt in my mind that Selina's support was invaluable, my mindset had certainly changed. I would recommend her to anyone trying for a baby and wish you all the very best of luck.”

Mrs K, Wimbledon, baby born 2009

“Selina's own experience of conception difficulties was the reason I chose to go to her for acupuncture when I wasn't getting pregnant as quickly as I'd hoped. On top of being an excellent acupuncturist, she's a fantastic role model, a calm sounding board and her thorough background knowledge is very reassuring and helpful. The complete package! I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Bec, 34, editor and illustrator, baby born 2009

“Thank you for all your support and advice. I will always think of you as a person who inspired me through difficult times, for which I am grateful! With thanks.”

VW, 34, baby born 2009

“Selina treated me incredibly sympathetically for migraines and headaches over a number of years. I found the acupuncture very helpful and it certainly seemed to help my migraines and headaches become much less frequent and more easily managed. She also gave me some very useful lifestyle advice on diet and general self-care, which I have found equally beneficial.”

Emma, 48, publisher

I had been trying for a baby for 8 years and had failed at IVF. Selina came into my life. I say that because I had people constantly giving me advice and a story of someone else’s happy ending. When the student is ready the master appears. And she did. I don’t know why I called her but when I spoke to her I knew she got me.

We went on a journey and she gently held my hand each step of the way. We laughed I cried and Selina understood my body as I prepared for my new IVF cycle. I was hospitalised for bleeding at 12 and 17 weeks and when doctors told me to prepare for a miscarriage Selina said come to see me immediately. She even turned my glorious son at 35 weeks who subsequently turned right back at 41 weeks! He is here and I cry as I write this because I never ever thought I would get here. Thank you Selina.

Sinead (proud mother of contortionist Dáire)

I really feel like the sessions with Emma, yourself and Mandy prior to and during my IVF helped me not only physically by regulating my cycles (and helping me get over an extreme reaction to the thought of needles!!) but also mentally by allowing me to have a space where I could chat freely in a relaxed environment with wonderful people. I've been recommending acupuncture to any friends who I know are having fertility treatment. My independent midwife also recommended acupuncture if I have any issues throughout the remainder of the pregnancy so I was delighted to tell her I had a clinic already and passed your details on to her.


After seven months of trying for my second baby, I knew I had to try and take (some) control and help the process. It took thirteen months to get pregnant with my first baby because I suffer from endometriosis - and I wasn't going to go through that again.

I discovered Selina online and started to see her on a regular basis, as you need to be treated at certain times in your cycle. Selina was always dedicated to seeing you at the right time, her practice is based at her home giving her the flexibility to always be available and if not one of her colleagues would see you.

As well as acupuncture Selina also prescribed herbal treatments, plus she had great adivise about beneficial foods and other remedies. She's a great listener too!

After about four months of treatment and working towards having semi natural IVF, I actually ended up getting pregnant naturally. I carried on seeing her throughout my pregnancy, and had a beautiful baby girl called Ruby.

Acupuncture is a brilliant form of health care and I have met a few acupuncturists who can brush upon fertility support, but have never met anybody as well trained and reasearched in the field.

I would recommend anybody trying to get pregnant to start seeing Selina immediately; her practical skills are second to none but her warmth and mental support during such as stressful time is priceless.

Debbie Cartwright
Aged 38 (at time of birth)
M.D. Of Fashion PR Agency
Baby girl born 18/04/14






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